5 Fingers was an audio art band consisting of Marian Halloway, Scott Campbell, and Randy Magnus.
Other musicians at times included Martin Corgiat, Tamara Yoneda, Mr. Speedo and many others.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mauled in Motown Now Available

Longtime fan and musician Wil Hendricks recently contacted me with this link to a digitized copy of one of 5 Fingers earliest cassettes - Mauled in Motown.

Mauled in Motown included The Mall Show (March 10, 1985, 1pm - 1:40pm) and The Pearl Harbor Show (held on Pearl Harbor Day.)
The Pearl Harbor Show was the reception for "The Made In Japan" mail-in art exhibit at Leonard's Artspace, and was Marion's first performance with the group. Lolly was suppose to be the female singer, but refused to do it at the last minute.
So Marion Halloway offered to fill in and
her performance on "How Many Babies" was unforgettable.

And The Mall Show speaks for itself.
It was part of Art Awareness week at the Vintage Faire Mall. We were followed by a square-dance club.
(The tuxedos Scott and I wore at The Mall Show were rented for us to usher the movie premiere at The Briggsmore by Grace Lieberman and the Stanislaus County Arts Commission for the previous night (we had until Monday to return them.) And I don't know where Marion got the wedding dress, but it was great. The kilt and socks that made up the bottom half of Scott's outfit was from his family's bagpipe band.)
Included in the video are images of Marion's grandparents, who raised her during her Modesto years.

Thanks Wil -
Check it out:
Mauled in Motown

(A side-note: Michael, a friend of mine who owned Recycled Records, we use to do television shows about obscure recordings, had his house raided by the Feds who took his personal collection of obscure bootleg recordings, including a copy of the cassette 5 Fingers "Mauled in Motown", in its original package.
The Feds thought it too was a bootleg.)

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Jeff said...

Thanks for posting this...I didn't make it to (infamous!) Vintage Faire show, and have regretted it for, like, 24 years. So nice to have these recordings, even at this late date.