5 Fingers was an audio art band consisting of Marian Halloway, Scott Campbell, and Randy Magnus.
Other musicians at times included Martin Corgiat, Tamara Yoneda, Mr. Speedo and many others.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

5 Fingers Equipment Used

Randy - Superscope Variable Speed Cassette Recorders, Mattel drum machine.
Later Yamaha drum pads DD17, Yamaha midi sound generator,
Synare 3 dual oscillator drum pad (bought from The Residents), BOSS cymbal/chime drum pad, various acoustic percussion instruments, anvil, sampling Casio keyboard

Scott - Early Korg Synthesizer, home-altered guitars, penny whistle, bagpipe chanter

Martin - electric guitars, 12 second delay, electric bass, electronic devices

PA System - SUN amp head/mixer, flanger, quadverb multi effects rack mount, BOSE monitor speakers from Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66

Synare 3

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