5 Fingers was an audio art band consisting of Marian Halloway, Scott Campbell, and Randy Magnus.
Other musicians at times included Martin Corgiat, Tamara Yoneda, Mr. Speedo and many others.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Five Fingers Performances

Performances by 5 Fingers included:

The Art of Sound - 1983
(Brent Cook, Randy, Joy, and others at Leonard's Artspace)

Pearl Harbor Performance - December 7, 1984
(part of the Made In Japan Show mail-in art show reception)

House Party

The Mall Show - March 10, 1985
(part of Art Awareness Week at the Vintage Faire Mail)

Live at Bob's Place - April 27, 1985 8pm
(Behind Robert and Jeff's storybook house in the middle of an orchard in Ceres, CA.)

Five Fingers Does Howl - 1985
(an evening performance of Allen Ginsberg's classic poem held at Leonard's Artspace)

A Free Concert at MJC - July 31, 1985 8pm
(an evening of 5 Fingers live in the Modesto Junior College Art Gallery)

Live at Dazzles
(part of a benefit show at a Modesto nightclub)

Lend A Hand (live at the coffeehouse Mondo Java)

International Pancake Day
(held at Charlie's house, including pancakes served during the break)

Groundhog Day
(Maybe we did 2 Groundhog Day shows, one was HOWL)

Hire a Human

Pre-Halloween Show - 1986
(held at Modesto Junior College's Art Gallery as part of Decade of Photography exhibit by Randy Magnus)

Pearl Harbor Day at Bob's Place - December 7, 1987
(Done inside Robert's storybook house, a live remote broadcast on KCSS Radio)

Live at Stanislaus State - 1988
(part of the university's art dept. graduation party, with a great version of the Beatles Get Back. Bob Raab helped out as roadie, transportation, & road manager for the event.)

I few of these shows really stand out, and a few I can't remember at all. Like what was Hire a Human about?


Harlequin Sound Productions said...

Hi Randy,

I've been searching for any info on you, Scott, Martin, Marian, or anyone connected with Lenord's for quite a while now and just stumbled across this site. I'm back in California again (actually since a few months before 9/11). I miss New York but will probably not got back to live again. Still creating music and art but the last 5 years in New York was my most productive with visual and audio art (details later).

Talk soon.

Jason Peterson

Andy said...

my friend Jeff H. also of Modesto told me to check out your blog. i played guitar in Chaotic Opera from 1987-1990. we played a show together called "Midsummer Buffet" on July 21st with The Furlongs, Chaotic Opera, Five Fingers and Brocade. Not sure on the year but i still have the 11x17 flyer. i'm guessing 1988.
martin modded one of my delay pedals. good guy. no idea what happened to him.
anyway, great piece of Modesto history here. enjoying the youtube videos. cheers, andy

ArtTv said...

Trevor Koch mentioned to me that he played bass with us at a coffee shop in the Roseburg Shopping Center, and at a performance at Fred's Place on 7th St.