5 Fingers was an audio art band consisting of Marian Halloway, Scott Campbell, and Randy Magnus.
Other musicians at times included Martin Corgiat, Tamara Yoneda, Mr. Speedo and many others.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Where They Went

Scott - went off to San Francisco to be with the Gothic rock bands Fade to Black and later Thrill of the Pull.

Marian - found herself in the Bay Area with punk bands The Misfits and Insaints.

Martin - was doing solo gigs in the Modesto area.

Scott and Randy - For a short period of time performed at poetry readings and art galleries as 2 Fingers, hip drumming and beat poetry. (It was never really beat poetry, but rather say the words to the beat.)

Randy - evolved into 3 Fingers, performing more instrumental/experimental music with Cathy George on marimba & vibes, Steve Shaw or David Dow on synthesizer, Deborah Kavasch on extended vocal, and other musicians, including at times a belly dancer.

David - was an assistant professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University for eight years. In those years, he published The Aesthetics of Disturbance (University of Michigan Press) and Drama for a New South Africa (Indiana University Press) as well as numerous articles on theatre and performance art in periodicals, anthologies, and encyclopedias.

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